Joy & Sorrow – Are they really two sides of the same coin?

Today, I heard something very interesting and insightful. Someone said, What is Life? Life is a combination of Joy & Sorrows. No one gets only joy and happiness in their life and no one gets only sorrow and sadness in their life. Nothing is permanent but change. And that’s why the conclusion that no one will continue to feel joy or vice versa.

Having said that, what if its only a matter of our perspective. I mean I have read books, blogs and articles where it is prudent to handle both joy & sorrow stoically. And there is a whole lot of explanations as to why and how it helps us in life. No arguments on that. I agree. But there could be a better approach in explaining it. I came across an example and it really touched a nerve, hence I thought of sharing it here.

If a person gets mugged/robbed – the immediate reaction from the victim or even the victim’s dear ones is, Material loss is unimportant right now. We are just glad & thankful to the Lord as the attacker/ robber didn’t cause any harm to your life or physically hurt you.

Here the way I see it – The reason to be happy/ glad is much more important than the reason to be sad. A lost item of materialistic value can be replaced but Life or a physical injury/ handicap cannot or at least will not be simple to replace. If we start changing our perspective this way and see the good in every situation, we will realize that whatever bad happened could have been worse. This is what I believe in and this according to me is Thinking Positive and Being Positive!

It gives tremendous strength as we realize that there is more to celebrate than to worry or cry. Whenever I am down and feel a little low, I start thinking about the good and positive things in life. It literally liberates me. There are so many things in life that one should be grateful for. One of the most important being our health. Secondly the fact that we have been given this precious life – there has to be some meaning to it. Its not worth wasting it by crying. The more chances we get, the more we need to celebrate!

Would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this. If someone disagrees, I would love to give my positive take on that. Always willing and open to see the good in a bad or tough situation.

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